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A new update has been released for the Minecraft game on consoles. Unfortunately, the new update doesn’t bring any new features and instead it just fixes some bugs and issues that the developers have found or the users have reported.

Minecraft Update: Bug Fixes

– A bug that was causing the Guardians to no longer spawn after loading a saved game has been fixed;
– A change that was restricting the players to use third-person camera while performing other actions has been removed;
– A change that was causing the sprint activation to be more sensitive has been removed;
– An issue that was causing some unpleasantness with the Mushroom Block texture has been fixed (PS3 only).

As you can see, the new Minecraft update comes with just a few bug fixes. Unfortunately, we don’t have any new trophies this time, but hopefully the developer will soon release more features and trophies in the upcoming updates for Minecraft.

However, we remind you that the Minecraft: The Combat Update has been released for the PC edition since February 2016. This update is also expected to be released for the consoles sometime soon. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t said anything about this update yet and it is not sure when exactly this important update will be released for the console versions of the Minecraft game.

If you’ve already installed the latest Minecraft update on your console, please leave a comment below if you find any new bugs or issues. At the same time, we suggest you to report those issues to developers, so they can fix it before they release the next Minecraft update.

Do you think that the Minecraft: Combat Update for consoles will be released this summer or the developers will need more time to solve all issues reported by players?