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In one of our most recent posts, we reported that Minecraft 1.26 update was made available for PS3, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox, with just a small bug fix patch. It addresses a few issues that were introduced with the previous update, such as: it makes guardians no longer spawning after loading a save; it removes the change that restricted changing to third-person camera while running or performing other actions; it removes change that made sprint activation more sensitive; and it fixes issue with Mushroom Block textures for PS3 only. All of these fixes were also integrated into the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Now, it has been said that Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which received the 0.14 update not too long ago, is on its way to receiving it next update, which is labeled 0.15.0. This has been confirmed by developers Jason Major and Tommaso Checchi over Twitter, and due to several tweets from other developers, we have managed to obtain a fairly good idea of what we can expect from the upcoming update. Apart from this, it is found out the game’s development company, Mojang, has already tested out an Alpha version of the update, which provides support for Minecraft Realms.

Minecraft Realms is a paid server service that lets you purchase a server, to which 10 other players can connect. It is designed as a multi-platform feature that allows players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition using Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Edition systems to play with each other. At present, the service at least requires you to have a free Xbox Live account.

However, it is not clear yet whether the Alpha version would include other features that are planned for the 0.15.0 update, including resource packs, sticky pistons, pistons that will have a broader base and can push Block Entities, Command Block, a new archer mob, new food such as Raw Mutton and Cooked Mutton, Fire Charges, plugins, commands and even an Anti-Aliasing option for VR and Windows 10. However, based on cryptic hints, many fans believe that there will be a new NPC Component that would allow mobs to have a dialogue tree, as well as a new Horses mob, Sliced Bread, Biome Based Villages and Trading, and Mending Enchantment. It is even hinted that there would be new biomes, which include the End.

As of the moment, there is no fixed date on when would the developers at Mojang roll out the 0.15.0 update, as it is still under development. But seeing the Minecraft Realms Alpha version already out, we can expect it not to take long.

If you have not played Minecraft for quite a while now, you should know that the update 1.25 was already released this month, which includes six new Trophies, Huge Mushroom Blocks to the Creative and Superflat menus, new Minecart Sounds to Audio Settings, improved sprint control and other several fixes to issues.

On your end, do you have any changes in mind that you would like to suggest to the game’s developers? For more news and updates on Minecraft, keep visiting this page.