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Rumors have been soaring lately about the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 title which is believed to be Skyrim 2. Fans want Bethesda – the makers of the Elder Scrolls installments – to focus on the sixth part of the game, because the last one was made over four years ago and they also expect that more details be made public at the E3 2016.

Pete Hines, vice president of PR an Marketing at Bethesda said in an interview with the Telegraph that the 6th installment of the game is currently under development. However, he did not confirm the title for the game, but he did joke about the name “Skyrim 2”.

He said that the name is what fans would be getting if there was another publisher in charge, but Bethesda does things in a different way and focuses less on titles: “That’s just not how we view it. We’re not the sort of publisher that focuses on ‘what’s our 25 titles for 2015”.

That being said, he added that the team involved in the development of the game is focusing on quality, and assured fans that every detail will be noteworthy. It will be basically the same, but it might change in that way that it is presented.

And that team is sure taking its time to make the game… so it’s very probably that we’ll be seeing updated for the current game sometime in the next year, with the sixth installment presumably being released in 2019.

Meanwhile, fans hope that the game will either take place in ValenWood or Elsweyr and have suggested many titles that range from Skyrim 2 (the favorite) to Argonia and Redguard. In the case of the latter, apparently there already is an Elder Scrolls entitled Redguard so it may not be a viable option.

Quick info on “The Elder Scrolls”. It’s an RPG game that became famous for its elaborate detail. In it, players have to fight monsters which wins them experience points and the ability to reach a higher level.