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Yesterday morning, Microsoft has released an update for Xbox One that will bring fixes for chat, as well as for other core Xbox Live services. The Xbox Live support team made the announcement on Twitter, where they’ve said that “Our engineers have resolved the issues with party chat. If you still have a question, please tweet us again.” It isn’t sure what caused the outage, but problems started on Sunday, at 7PM UK time. However, now, users from North America and the UK are finally able to sign in and use their consoles’ core services.

Players have reported that the issues that affected Social and Gaming included: pictures, cloud storage, avatar editing, leaderboards, in-game matchmaking, finding friends and game DVR. As for the Xbox Core Services issues, they included: search, signing in, Creating, managing, or recovering an account.

Microsoft told players that “If you’re experiencing difficulty using Party Chat, we want you to know we’re aware and working to provide a fix ASAP! Thanks for staying patient while we work, Xbox members. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.” Shortly after that, Microsoft returned with this message: “Hey Xbox members, were you having problems connecting to Xbox Live? We’re happy to report that the problem is fixed.”

Many players were very angry because of these problems and kept an eye on website, where they were able to check when everything returns to normal and now there are no more problems.

Xbox users have been affected before, in December 2015 more exactly, when Phantom Squad has claimed that it attacked Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. This group of hackers has announced on its Twitter account (which was suspended in the meantime) that it was planning to take down both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network over the winter holidays “Because cyber security does not exist,” and “Some men just want to watch PSN and Xbox Live burn.”