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Recent changes in app security have given birth to an entire competition for offering users secure instant messaging. And this is a tendency that has been going on for years. The topic was brought again in our attention when this month WhatsApp implemented end-to-end encryption. As a natural result, people have been wondering which one is safer, WhatsApp or Telegram?

Even though there is no general consensus when choosing between them, we can all agree that in general, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp are some of the safest apps for instant messaging. However, even though this applies for regular users, there is no option available for enterprises.

Just imagine that you have to share some secret content, like a business strategy, source code and others with some colleagues or partners. In that case, it’s not safe at all to share it through a smartphone or tablet. And for this, none of these apps can help. WhatsApp does not offer a desktop service, only the iOS and Android apps. Telegram does offer a secret chat option, the only one with end-to-end encryption, but only for the smartphone app, not for the desktop version. The Signal app has an app for Chrome which is currently under test, and it works only if you connect it to the Android phone.

On the other hand, there is also the problem of connecting an instant messaging app with a phone number. You don’t really know who has access to your mobile number, if third parties have access to it, or if someone is able to track your location based only on that. Moreover, thinking about business-related issues, not all people have a separate work and personal phone, which means that sometimes they need to use their own private accounts for work, and that can prove to be a real issue.