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Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band 4 have announced what comes next for the game and it will include online multiplayer and an expansion.

The announcement was made at PAX east and Harmonix detailed the future content of the game additions.

To begin with, we will see new band mates in May, named Miko and Thorn from a different game named Battleborn – a successful first person shooter which features quests and combats in a space fantasy landscape. As you can see, Harmonix fused with another game developing company, Gearbox, to make this happen. Also, they will add double kick support.

After that, they will release a Parctice Mode in June that will let users slow down difficult parts in a song while the song is playing of course, so that they can practice and master that section.

An expansion is also expected sometime in the fall, that will add support for Xbox 360 ION Drum kit, but it will require purchasing a particular adapter for that. Apart from that, they will be adding new filtering and rating options for the music library.

Finally, during winter presumably, Harmonix will add an online multiplayer which they describes as being like Quickplay but modified to offer a fair and streamlined experience for friends who want to play Rock Band 4 online together.

When the forth instalment of the game was launched, the producers made it clear that they wanted it to be more of a platform and these next additions will make it exactly like that. More details on what comes next for Rock Band 4 will be revealed at E3 – The Electronic Entertainment Expo which will be held in June in Los Angeles.

Quick info on the game: Rock Band 4 is a music video game where players simulate playing music from different decades and genres by controlling characters that are lead singers, lead and bass guitarists or drummers. It can be played on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.