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Let’s face it, Pokemon X and Y have been some really great products and people all around the world loved them. Despite their huge success (or precisely because of it), many people are still hoping for the third one, Pokemon Z. Sadly, we haven’t received such a game yet, and Game Freak already went to the next generation. Still, there are some speculations regarding the possible Pokemon Z.

People from BitBag put their imagination to test and started thinking what could the Pokemon Z have been like. They were thinking that the developers would have valued greatly a Safari Zone. However, they figured it wouldn’t have the friends requirement, so it would be a little different. There is another option, for a zone similar to Battle Frontier. They say that this option would be available after you have beaten the game, comparably with the Battle Mansion in the X and Y versions. There, all your Pokemons reached level 50.

Moreover, if Pokemon Z actually existed, maybe you could have been able to catch all three bird Pokemons, which were Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, in case you forgot. This is based on the fact that until now, you could only capture one of them, so this would have been a great update.

Sadly, there is still no official declaration from Game Freak or even Nintendo that they are planning (or have ever planned) to release Pokemon Z. It is sad indeed that Generation VI ill not have a sequel or even a third game for it. What we can do is to patiently wait for the next game in the series, called Pokemon Sun and Moon, and hope that it will be enjoyable enough to take our mind off a possible Pokemon Z.