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We’ve learned a lot about Pokémon GO from the Japanese field tests, which have provided a glimpse into the gameplay of Pokémon GO. Earlier this month, field test sign-ups opened for players in Australia and New Zealand, the first of the regions outside Japan to participate. If you’re a player from Australia or New Zealand who signed up for a chance to try the Pokémon GO field tests, you should be checking your email, because invites are rolling out now.

Yesterday, Niantic announced it was selecting users to participate in the expanded field test. So, what are your chances of being selected?

According to the post, whether or not you’ll be picked for the field test depends on:

  • Your operating system
  • Your experience with these sorts of games
  • Luck

Of course there’s an element of luck involved. With how huge Pokémon is and how excited fans are for Pokémon GO, there are probably far more people interested in participating than Niantic can actually select for this sort of closed field testing.

Players selected to join the field test will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. If you don’t have an email yet, don’t lose hope. Niantic also said more people will be invited as time goes on.

For everyone else, this is still a great opportunity, because we’ll get to learn even more about Pokémon GO. Already we’re hearing rumors of leaked gameplay, and people who participate in the test can give new opinions and insights into how the game’s systems work.

A little over a month passed between when Japan’s Pokémon GO field testing was announced and when Niantic first announced it would begin in Australia and New Zealand. If these tests follow a similar pattern and Niantic intends to expand the field test further, perhaps we’ll hear something about additional field tests as early as next week.

Did you sign up for the Australian and New Zealand Pokémon GO field test? If so, have you received an email, or are you still waiting and hoping? And if you’ve gotten to try the field test, share your initial impressions with us in the comments below.