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At long last, Persona fans, we have news about Persona 5. Or at least, we’ll get some in a little over a week.

The Persona 5 website was recently updated with a countdown to May 5 at 21:30 Japan time, which is 5:30 AM PT / 8:30 AM ET. At first, no one knew what the countdown was for, but Atlus announced that it is for a special Persona 5 broadcast.

Yes, it’s another announcement of an announcement, but the dearth of Persona 5 news makes this one feel worthwhile. Fans have been wondering when Atlus would reveal more details and worrying there might be another delay, especially as the summer release window crept closer without any news.

Now it’s finally time. Since it sounds like a major event, chances are good Atlus will use the live stream to announce the Japanese release date of Persona 5. New story details also seem likely.

The broadcast will be shown through Niconico, so it will probably focus on a Japanese audience. This makes it much less likely a release date for the West will be announced at the same time, although it’s possible. Nevertheless, even knowing the Japanese release date will help us figure out likely times for Persona 5 to come out worldwide. Officially, the game is due out in Japan this summer, with a Western release to follow later this year.

New Persona 5 details will also be included in the next issue of Dengeki PlayStation, available on May 12. If we don’t learn a release date during the May 5 live stream, May 12 is the next best opportunity.

The Niconico broadcast will be called “Take Tokyo Tower.” Tokyo Tower is also featured on the countdown page, along with The Phantom. The Phantom is the secret identity of Persona 5’s main character, who forms a group with his friends known as the “Phantom Thieves of Heart.” Their goal is to steal the corruption from people’s hearts and make the world a better place. The countdown page makes it sound as though Tokyo Tower holds some significance to The Phantom, who intends to take it over.

What do the Phantom Thieves want with the Tokyo Tower? It sounds like we’ll find out on May 5!