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Recently, Microsoft announced the fact that they intend to reduce the free storage capacity for their OneDrive service. The change is going to be quite drastic, from 15 GB to only 5 GB. In these conditions, they admitted that it was a tough decision to make and that they are aware that users worldwide will be affected.

All OneDrive users have received an email that lets them know about the upcoming changes. They will be applied starting with July 27th. Microsoft apologized for all the inconveniences they caused, and they also let their users know about the fact that the 15 GB users received for their camera roll would be discontinued. However, only the non-paid services and the free accounts will be suffering the changes.

This is how the free storage will be converted into a paid one, since if you are an user and want to still have 50 GB available on your OneDrive account, you will now have to pay $1.99, instead of enjoying it for free. They motivated this change by bringing in the subject of sustaining the software. However, this is not the first time Microsoft takes some surprising decisions regarding the storage for One Drive. In 2015 they have also cut the unlimited storage option, but they chose to cut off backlash by offering some option for their users.

It seems that people are not very happy with this decision and there have been some massive turning down for this service. After promising unlimited access for no extra costs in 2014, Microsoft now comes and cuts not only unlimited access, but also the free storage. However, they might have some serious technical reasons for which they made this decision. It remains to be seen if such drastic changes will still keep their customers though.