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Everyone knows that Bethesda’s open world games such as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” or Fallout 4 come with a good amount of glitches and bugs. Well, it is quite hard to release a bug-free game, especially when the game comes with big maps, many elements and features.

Well, it seems that an “unofficial” Fallout 4 patch aims to fix all the bugs and glitches that this game comes with. Currently, this patch has already fixed many bugs that were related to NPCs, items, gameplay, quests and many more.

This patch is actually a mod for the Fallout 4 game and there is a group of members who are “responsible” for it. The same group has also released patches that fixed many bugs and issues in “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, two other titles released by Bethesda on March 20, 2006 and November, 11, 2011, respectively.

If you are interested in installing this mod on your Fallout 4 game (PC version), you will need to make sure that the game is running the update 1.5 or else this mod will not function. Bethesda has been quite busy with the first DLC pack Automatron that has been released for Fallout 4, this last month. We agree that these DLC packs are good for the game, but the developer should also focus on fixing the bugs and glitches that this game has, as there are still a good amount of them and they’re annoying the players.

However, there are also other games that came with many bugs and glitches, such as “The Division”. Some of the major glitches and bugs have appeared after the first free update has been released, which brought the “Incursions”, an end-game activity for squads of 4 players to get some high-end gear.

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