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Clash Royale is a free to play RTM game that follows the high grossing trend set up by its predecessor Clash of Clans. Basically, in the game, you have to build a deck of cards which feature game characters, spells, defenses and Royales – Knights, Princes, Baby dragons, etc.

The purpose of the game is to use the deck that you have to do damage against an opponent’s towers and eventually knocking the king of his big tower while making sure that your towers take no damage.

It’s a very addicting game and also a top grossing one on mobile as it makes around 1.5 million dollars a day!

Clash Royale has a freemium model which features lengthy timers on treasure chests which are essential for progression in the game and the obligation to level up cards to keep yourself competitive and a worthy adversary – all of these make progression very slow if you’re not willing to pay for speeding up the game.

The core gameplay is very alluring and enjoyable and many players have said that it’s hard to resist paying that money because it makes you want to progress faster and play more. One of the loyal players of the game and the highest ranking one  – Chief Pat – has paid about 12.000 dollar on it over the course of 3 months.

However, not everybody has that kind of money so here are some tips for playing like a Pro without having to pay for it.

Build a good deck

This is essential in the game. Players should know exactly what cards do – the type of damages they can do – either alone, or in combos. A rare card doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be good for your deck.

Mind your elixir

Elixir enables you to summon cards. Various cards have different elixir costs to summon them. A well balanced deck of both high cost elixir cards and low cost elixir cards is the key to moving out quickly and often in a game.

Be patient

A combat lasts about 3 minutes so you have to think very well before you send powerful cards at the beginning of a match because that might hint to your opponent that you don’t really have a strategy. You should always keep a few cards for defense. In the last minute of the battle, the elixir refill rate will double so that will be your chance to put more powerful troops in the battle.

Spend your time and gold wisely

Since paying for items is off the table, you will probably want to use that hard earned game currency wisely. You should use your gold to upgrade the cards that you use more often and the ones that are cheaper to upgrade.

Every chest you get is a progression in the game – you get one whenever you win a battle so you will be able to upgrade cards with whatever is in those chests. You will get a free chest every 2 hours and you can store up to four chests in your slots.

Depending on how long it takes for them to open (3 – 24 hours), some players have even set alarms for the time of the opening or have opened them according to a plan meant to maximize their efficiency in the game.