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Recently Clash of Clans and Clash Royale makers, Supercell, has announced that they expect all game players and fans to commit to a fair play mind set. They have condemned the use of bots, mods, hacks and have urged players to delete them from their devices and to play the games normally and fairly.

Supercell was very clear about the situation and described that unapproved apps that enable users to manipulate gameplay in any way are considered “third party software” and have advised players to stay away from bots and mods and all programs that have the purpose of modifying or providing unearned progress.

Another problem Supersell tackles was the selling and buying of accounts along with the unauthorized selling of gems. Using bots and hacks are one thing, but providing personal account information or just login information for the chance of getting gems and progress is a very foolish thing. You might compromise your account or lose access to it altogether.

There are countless downloadable bots and mods online on forums complete with detailed videos on Youtube showing people how to use them and win battles and other perks and Supercell has decided to fight this phenomena. The measures taken up include revoking currency and suspending accounts, and in very serious game fraud situations the players responsible will be banned permanently.

There you have it! If you want to be a very good game player you have to play the game right and ignore the temptation of clicking on all those Clash of Clans hacks links and videos.

It’s a bit disconcerting when reading the presentations for the bots and mods. They almost seem like and shady industry where various bot makers compete amongst each other in offering a user the best cheating experience. But you don’t need that if you really love the game!