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Recently Acer has announced their new Chromebook 14 for work. They claim that it will be the fastest ever produced by them, and it will come together with an Core processor, 12 hours of life for the battery and a keyboard that is spilling proof. Moreover, it is the first Work venture that complies to Google, all the more reason for us to be curious about it.

Also, this Chromebook is pioneering in what means the use of Gorilla Glass from Corning. You can even personalize it with your own favorite photos, which is another plus for this laptop. The previous version, Chromebook 14, included a slower processor, a Celeron one, and an aluminum chassis. What is a minus when it comes to the latest work model is the fact that its structure contains more rough plastic, compared to the previous versions. Another downside can be the fact that the Gorilla Glass display can be a real magnet for fingerprints, and if you’re easily distracted by anything when working, it can really become an issue.

However, the producers haven’t announced yet the price and the availability for the Chromebook 14 for work. What we do know is the fact that this version is targeted mainly for enterprisers, not for normal users, and this can help us get an idea about the general price range.

Some say that this release from Acer will not be as competitive as expected, even though the technical specs seem to be amazing. However, we are still curious to know how many enterprisers will show interest for this new technological advancement, as the Acer people want to present their product. Moreover, there have been some opinions from normal users too, saying that they are anxious to test the laptop for themselves.