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It won’t be considered an update without improvements and new features integrated with the latest version. So users can expect something new every time an iOS 9 jailbreak update rolls out.

Cydia with 3D Touch features, for example, was one of the top improvements with iOS 9 jailbreak update that was released in 2015. This allowed users to interact with a device with ease. Depending on how hard or soft a user taps the screen, different functionalities are presented.

This month’s iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1, on the other hand, came with more general and security updates. The former brings Night Shift and updates to Siri, while the latter fixed whatever bugs and instability issues the iOS 9.3 had.

The need to customize Apple devices has brought on some nifty jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 9. What are some of the updates that received two thumbs up from iOS users?

Quick Actions menu

This feature came with the iOS 9 3D Touch on both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Every time a user hard press on an app, a contextual menu opens up that leads to specific parts of an app. Hard pressing on Google Maps, for example, opens a menu where users can choose from 3 options – Directions Home, Mark My Location and Send My Location.


As one of the most essential iOS 9 jailbreak apps, Activator has gone through several improvements, and the latest version allows users to customize gestures and button presses, turning them into actions. For example, you can customize an action where you can launch a specific app with a three-finger swipe.


This feature allows you to customize the Control Center, giving you an option to choose which settings will appear on it. For example, you can swap Wi-Fi toggle with Personal Hotspot if this matters more to you than the previous setting. The latest update also enables Low Power Mode in iOS 9 through a toggle switch. If you want to maximize whatever battery life is left, take advantage of this feature.


Do you want to change your iOS 9 menu? Use SwitcherTweak to change background blurring style, page scroll direction, page blurring style and the size of the switcher.


This is the perfect solution for apps that do not have Quick Actions. Through Shortcuts, you can add Quick Action menus to a particular app. Whether or not an app developer updates a particular app, you have the option to change its settings using Shortcuts.


If you want to get rid of the “Back to” option in iOS 9, you would need BreadcrumbsAway. This would allow you to swipe the back button, so it will be hidden from view.


Similar to BreadcrumbsAway, this allows users to get rid of a feature that people would normally consider essential – the Spotlight. For whatever reason that you want to eliminate easy search option for files, contacts, places and everything else on your phone, use SpotlightBeGone to make the Spotlight go away.