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Having a jailbroken iPhone opens doors to multiple possibilities. By installing Cydia tweaks, users can take full advantage of their devices, as they will bypass the restrictions Apple puts on the iOS, but they must be careful what applications and tweaks unauthorized by Apple they’ll install, because some of their might harm their phones. In this article, we’ll provide you a list of trusted tweaks that you can install on your iPhone.


If you install this application, you will disable the functionality of Spotlight, a feature that comes in handy when you want to quickly search for an application and launch it without looking for it on the home screen. In iOS 9, Spotlight can be used to search for content within third-party applications, as well, but some users believe that the feature can become too creepy when working together with Siri and they want to disable its functionality. SpotlightBeGone is the answer to their prayers.

Speed Intensifier

There are a variety of applications and websites claiming they will speed up your iPhone. Speed Intensifier will only manipulate animation speeds, helping the phone perform faster.


This tweak can be used to fully customize every facet of your iPhone. It will change the look of folder icons, it will customize icon labels, apply masks to icons, change interface colors, add custom blurs and more. Anemone has the live previews feature which will allow you to preview the changes that you want to apply to your device.


This application will warm up your screen at night, to match your indoor lighting, so you won’t be blinded when opening a message when it’s very dark in your room. F.lux will adjust the saturation of the screen, offering a more natural viewing experience that won’t affect your sleep schedule.


This tweak will add new options to the App Switcher, such as scrolling direction, respring options, padding, blur and others, but when paired with Speed Intensifier, the blur options may be buggy and crash.


Instead of going to Settings to turn off a certain feature, CCSettings will show it in the control center, replacing less used features such as Airplane Mode. This tweak is not complex, but it helps you to save time.


This is a very popular tweak and can be used to assign actions to specific motions. So, if you open the camera quickly, you can place three fingers on the screen and swipe them, but you can also customize pressure response from applications, or the device itself.