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Four days ago, Maxis has announced that the Tragic Clown will return to The Sims 4, but the new update will also bring the Tragic Clown Painting. The sixth stuff pack called “Romantic Garden Stuff” was released on February 9, 2016 and besides new garden objects, it introduced new gameplay modes and outfits for Sims. This summer, Maxis will bring a child-themed stuff pack with new clothes and toys for Sim kids.

A month ago, PC and Mac players of The Sims 4 received a new update with two new challenges: the Egg Challenge, which let players collect 12 eggs in order to unlock a stuffed bunny in a form of a reward; the Spring Challenge is about planting a grow fruit and players will visit the gardens of Oasis Springs and Willow Creek to meet Jasmine Holiday and where they will gather 20 grow fruits. Well, the new update replaces Jasmine Holiday with the Tragic Clown, so Sims will no longer be able to get super fertilizer or to buy growfruit.

The Tragic Clown won’t do anything. Actually, he’s good at making Sims sad, especially when they view his painting. He will appear out of nowhere and try to cheer Sims up, and if the Sim will want to wear the Tragic Clown costume, this will enable a permanent emotional “Tears of a Clown” Moodlet (Sad +3).

The developers have also fixed a few game glitches: Sims will synthesize serums at the Chemistry Table again; when they will be at the pool, sitting down, and another Sim will ask them to put food away in the fridge, they will do that; custom music will play as it should on all venue speakers; growfruit, when used as a fertilizer, will be hellishly better; previously, full face makeup caused cause temporary facial discoloration, making it harder for the identifier to recognize the face, so this problem has been fixed; after the lot is saved to the Gallery, stacked rugs will remain in their stacked order.

There are also two fixes for players who own a Mac: if they have more than 2001 mods installed, they will no longer hinder their ability to connect to the Gallery; when edge scrolling at the top edge, the finder bar will no longer be seen.