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More new reports about Pokémon GO are surfacing. We remind you that this game has started the field test in Japan and it is good to know that a certain type of Pokémon will be found (such as electric or water type).

In concordance with reports, some Pokémon creatures have a lower spawn rate than others, which on others is found very easy. Two of the Pokémon creatures that will have a very low spawn rate are Porygons and Flareons.

It is good to know that biomes have been implemented in the game, but only partially. With other words, you will be able to find water Pokémon near water, such as rivers, oceans or lakes. A player has reported that he found only one type of Pokémon near the water. The Pokémon is named Goldeen and the gamer has found it above a river.

We’ve seen many players reporting that they’ve found Rattatas and other “casual” Pokémon in the downtown shopping districts. However, they’ve also found electric and a bug type of Pokémon in the same area.

It’s not sure yet where other types of Pokémon will be found. For example, now, players are wondering where they will find a flying-type Pokémon. There are rumors which say that these types of Pokémon will be found somewhere in locations at a higher altitude.

When it comes to data consumption, a Reddit member said that in order to play Pokémon GO every day, you will need around 2GB per month. We remind you that Ingress, another game that Niantic has released consumes about 750MB per month and 250MB if the gamer plays it only occasionally. There are also reports which say that Pokémon Go consumes a lot of battery, but, hopefully, the developers will fix this issue before the game is released for the public.

We’re pretty sure that once the Pokémon Go will be officially released for public, it will become one of the most played games out there in just a few weeks.