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The developers of Halo 5: Guardians have stated in the past that an Infection Mode will be released along with a few fan made maps among which we can name: RIP tide, Nerve Center and Malignant. All of these are now in the process of being tested.

343 Industries – the Halo developers – haven’t confirmed the launch date yet or how it will actually work but at least we know for sure that it will be in Halo 5. Apart from the Infection Mode, they will also add other controller options such as adjusting the horizontal and vertical look sensitivities and getting access to values for extra control. Now, there is some speculation that the mode of will come with the free update for the game entitled Memories of Reach.

As for the game itself, it has begun to be tested as a beta for the Warzone Firefight Mode. What the developers had to say about this was that hundreds of thousands of matches were played in the beta and around 147 million enemies were killed, so I’m assuming it’s going pretty good.

More info on Halo 5: Guardians: it’s a first person shooter game designed for Xbox One by 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios and it takes place in the year 2558, 8 months after what happened in Halo 4. The game follows two teams of supersoldiers, Blue Team and Osiris. The Blue Team goes AWOL – absent without leave – in order to find Cortana, an a.i. which they believe to be unpredictable and dangerous. The Osiris team is sent after them to find them and capture them.

It’s a great game and I’m certain that many fans can’t wait to get their hands on new updates and content for it, especially when it comes to fan maps!