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Rockstar, the developers responsible for the GTA franchise has created it’s very own online magical pot of gold. Fans are very satisfied with how the fifth GTA is better that its predecessor and are even happier with the constant release of content for the Online component of the game.

A report by NPD tracking sales of games stated that this fifth installment is the fourth best seller in March 2016. Not only that but it has been in the top ten game sales since September 2013, when it was launched.

But that’s just one side that brings in revenue for Rockstar. Apart from that there’s also the microtransactions which have earned them 500 million dollars.

What are microtransactions you may ask? Well, these transactions refer to the option of purchasing Shark Cards in reality which represent a significant quantity of money in the game that enables a player to purchase various items in the game. For example, in the game, a Tiger Shark Card is worth 200.000 dollars, but in reality, purchasing it costs a player around 5 dollars and it can be bought from console stores or retailers. Another example is the Magalodon Shark Card which is worth 8 million dollars in GTA V Online, but upon purchase in the real life it costs about 100 dollars. There are about 6 cards and their prices range from 3 to 100 dollars, but buying them is completely optional. Nobody is forced to buy them in order to play the game.

There are so many things in the game that can be bought with game currency such as yachts or super cars and the developers keep on adding new content with a price that keeps on forcing gamers to buy them in order to be on top and look the part in the game.