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As summer approaches and plans are made to travel to exotic locations, camping trips, family picnics and more – there is no better time to make use of your camera. Mobile photography can make anyone with a high quality mobile camera produce stunning images to share with friends or develop into prints. I have consolidated a list of apps and tips for capturing the perfect moments of friends, family and gorgeous scenery. In a sea full of similar applications, these apps stand out as the most advanced and feature-rich with some tips and tools to make enhanced edits. Always keep in mind – the key to editing your photos is to enhance the beauty of the image with it appearing untouched. But most importantly, have fun!


  1. Enable High Dynamic Range (HDR) – This allows for three images to be taken at different exposure levels, then highlight the photos best features.
  2. Eliminate Unwanted Objects – Try to work with different angles to eliminate objects that don’t fit the image (lamp posts, people’s heads, etc.)
  • Different angles can also lead you to discover cool perspectives.
  1. Exposure – Using your iPhone, drag your finger on the screen to increase/decrease exposure. The results will be instant.
  2. Multiple Shots – Never simply snap one photo. This is not the days of disposable cameras and 30 photo limits. Take many shots and review them later for which is best.
  • Burst Mode – Allows you to snap multiple photos as you hold the shutter button, but the quality is not always the same.
  1. On Screen Grid – Attempt to use the grid layout that allows for excellent composition photos (Sometimes it can be best not to have the object of focus in the center, A corner or off center can change the entire look of your picture).
  2. Leading Lines – Try utilizing lines on pavement, buildings and bridges to lead it to your object of focus. The effect can be mesmerizing.
  3. Digital Focus Feature – To focus on an object/background, tap the screen and watch the screen adjust its focus.
  4. Use Natural Lighting – Some cameras are not the best when using flash outdoors, try to utilize natural light.
  5. No Digital Zoom – Refrain from using digital zoom as it decreases the quality of the photo, forcing you to use features such as sharpen, reduce noise and defog.
  6. Composition – Shoot the same photo from different locations, positions and angles. Try to capture as much color, light, detail that you can to make your picture full of for post-editing.


Post-Editing Apps Images

Editing your photos to be enhance their beauty can be really simple with the adjustment of small features.

–          Exposure – This is how much light the lens takes in, depending on the photo and its focus, the adding or reducing of light can make or break your photo. Play the toggle until you find the +/- that fits your photos ambiance.

–          Clarity – By reducing clarity, you can make your face or image look smoother (reducing wrinkles, lines and fatigue). It can also give a surreal effect. Increasing can also dramatically enhance images full of color, or cityscapes.

–          Reduce Noise – Not all apps have this feature, and some may charge for it as it can take away the grainy noise from low quality pictures, or photos taken in low light settings.

–          Tint/Temperature – These setting adjust the blues/yellow hues and can do an exceptional job at manipulating the image for an accurate portrayal of the colors your eyes really see.

–          Brightness – Modifying the brightness can help to enhance photos lacking light or darkening photos that contain too much light. But be careful, as to much brightness can distort the colors within.

–          Contrast – Increasing or Decreasing contrast and increase the difference between colors/blacks/greys that allow the photo to really pop. Rolling hills beneath a steep mountain look great with extra contrast but too much and the image looks fake and clearly edited.

–          Vibrancy – One of the most simple ways to add color, accentuate detail and generate instant enhancement is the vibrancy feature which can generally be found on most of the top editing applications.

–          B&W – Black and White photos can sometimes be the perfect setting for giving your photos an edgy feel. It can also be great when the quality or lighting is low, but with small adjustments too  you can create a uniquely beautiful outcome.

Apps To Use for Editing:

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  1. Facetune                              (Photo Editor)

For $3.99 you don’t need to be famous to use one of the most widely used photo-editing apps by celebrities. Powered by a sophisticated software engine this is dedicated for the selfie fanatic. Truly enhance and focus on the portrait photos and boost your image in ways no filter can. Facetune can whiten teeth, fix smiles and bold the beauty of eyes in a quick easy to use fashion. A perfect app for close up photos with family and friends while traveling.

  1. Photoshop Express        (Photo Editor)

A true treasure for your travels. The mobile express version of world-famous Photoshop is free but an extremely powerful app. This app uses some of the basic features of Photoshop in their mobile app which is built for landscape and portrait images. Use this app to impress other Instagramers with impressive landscape and portrait images and ensure you have captured the beauty of your latest trips.

  1. Enlight                                (Photo Editor)

Enlight, for $3.99, is made by the guys behind Facetune and was named as “the best all-in-one photo editor” by Apple in 2015. Travelling to beautiful cities? Hiking gorgeous mountains or just sitting on the rooftop overlooking your city? With Enlight you can turn photos into creative pieces of art and will allow you to impress other Instagramers with truly professional looking and eye catching photos. Added bonus with this app is their InstaFit feature, so you never have to crop another image for Instagram again. A great companion for your travels and trips!

  1. Simply B&W        (Creative Photo Editor)

When we travel to new cities and places we always feel more edgy, and maybe you feel like letting lose your dark side.  Take advantage of this free app by adding a creative black and white approach by making your photos monochromatic or grayscale. The free app includes in-depth editing tools for modifying the hues and lighting to truly get the outcome you desire for maximum effect. Sometimes, taking away color can unknowingly create something beautiful.

  1. Camera+  (Native Camera/ Photo Editor)

As mentioned above – always use your native camera app. But with the Camera+ app, start the process of making beautiful images with features such as image stabilization and exposure control. For $2.99 Camera+ lets you snap, edit and export like an expert. What is lacks in advanced features it makes up for in pre-photo editing camera control. Sometimes its better to snap first and ask questions later.

  1. Pic Stitch  (Creative Editor)

Sometimes you take so many fantastic pictures you want to share but don’t want to overload your social media accounts. Why not consolidate some of your favorites into one pretty picture This free app includes an enormous list of collage templates to add multiple photos of different sizes, assorted into one picture frame to share with all your friends and followers. In app purchases give you a slight edge over users with the free version. However it remains as one of the most used collage builder applications.

  1. Slow Shutter Cam   (Creative Photo Editor)

Want to capture the moment your friends cannon ball into a lake? Maybe, you are riding jet-skis and want to capture that perfect shot. For only $1.99, bring pictures to life by going back to the physical camera method of reducing shutter speeds giving DSLR-like effects to your digital photos. With a variety of adjustments and toying with the settings you get some familiar effects that make you feel like a pro photographer.

  1. Livemaker            (Creative Photo Editor)

Not everyone has the iPhone 6S Live Photo feature, no problem. With this free app you can capture the video and audio for 1.5 seconds before and after you capture the picture – giving you a picture with a fun and interesting look of movement in the background, similar to internet GIF’s. Perfect for capturing funny moments of laughter or the wind blowing through trees, maybe even the calm rolling waves while your feet are in the sand.

  1. VSCO Cam            (Native Camera/ Photo Editing)

Another well-known app for snapping photos. If you have not tried it, use it for pre-editing as your go-to camera, or after the picture has been taken. Create high resolution photos and look at your progress with the before and after feature. This app will help you get amazing photos before you start the editing process. It will make you appreciate your trips even more when all you have left are photos and memories.

  1. Pixelmator              (Photo Editor)

You have finished taking some of your photos, and you want to quickly enhance and add some funny text and make your friend’s jealous. Turn your images into art by editing, adding text, frames and one tap image improvements tools alongside its focus on painting and drawing features. For $4.99, this app provides users with a bold interface, blending its great features and meme generator for share worthy posts (Picture of you on a beach, drink in hand, text above “Enjoy the cold suckerz!”).