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Last month, Apple has released a new iOS 9.3 version for its mobile devices. However, many users have been expecting a jailbreak of this version to be released, but unfortunately, this didn’t happen. However, Pangu, a well known hacker group, has reported that it is currently working on releasing a jailbreak for the iOS 9.3 version.

It passed a good amount of time since the latest iOS jailbreak has been released, but according to reports, the wait will be over soon, as the iOS 9.3 jailbreak might be released before the WWDC 2016 event that will be held in June 2016.

In concordance with LatinPost, the latest jailbreak version has been released for the iOS 9.0.1, which means that if Pangu will finally bring a jailbreak for the iOS 9.3, this will mean that the jailbreak fans will be finally be able to use the new features and options that the new iOS version comes with.

We remind you that many people have claimed that they have cracked the latest iOS version, but it seems that those were some fake tools, which tricked users into downloading fake content and getting their devices infected with malware.

During the WWDC 2016, Apple will announce the major product that is expected to be released sometime in September 2016. At the same time, a new iOS version will most likely be unveiled during this event.

There are many iOS users out there who prefer to jailbreak this operating system in order to be able to install some “unofficial” tools and applications. Cydia is the “unofficial” store that the iOS jailbreak version comes with and it contains many tools that you will never find on the Apple Store.

Do you think that the iOS 9.3 jailbreak will be released before the WWDC 2016 event?