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As you most probably know already, the Adobe Flash Player has not been supported on Android operating systems since the release of Flash version 11.1. While some sites claim to offer apk files to install the software on your device, you should take extra caution as most of these offerings are malware. Aside from installing Adobe Flash Player through its archive page, you can actually use some third-party browsers to be able to view flash content on your Android device safely.

  • FlashFox

This browser has always been a favorite tool for running Flash Player on Android devices because of the way it can effectively renders Flash content. When you install it, it automatically runs content needing such a platform. However, it would not be the perfect solution, as some content programmed with versions later than Flash 11.1 would not work with this browser. Moreover, the constant ad banners can be quite distracting.

  • Puffin

This browser has specific advantages over the other browsers on this list. Like the FlashFox, it will automatically run Flash-driven content when installed on your device. Also, it is regularly updated to be able to support the latest versions of Flash and can emulate arrow and mouse keys in an overlay, which means that it will feel like you are browsing on desktop computer.

Albeit being perfectly functional, Puffin will render Flash content in the cloud, which can make playbacks choppy, as it usually transfers data from overseas. This can be addressed by lowering the Flash quality in the browser settings.

  • Dolphin

Unlike the case with FlashFox and Puffin, Flash Player is not set up to work by default with this browser. First, you should go into the settings menu by tapping the Dolphin icon in the browser. Then, tap Web Content and then the Flash Player on the next page, where you should it to “always on”. Navigate to a page that requires Flash Player or you can just wait until you encounter one while you do some browsing naturally. This time, you will be asked to install the Adobe Flash Player, so tap “download” when you are prompted to. Take note that you might need to enable “Unknown Sources”, which you can access through the settings menu and then “Security”. When everything completes, you will be able to enjoy the content on many sites that require the Flash function. Compared to Puffin, Dolphin does not work on as many as sites as the former, but it definitely provides an experience that is slightly smoother. You can also combine it with the Dolphin Jetpack to make things even better.

Now, if you are running an older version of Android, the browsers above will certainly provide the results that you want from Adobe Flash Player. You will be able to run videos, games and other programs that require it.

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