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As all the DLCs for GTA Online that were leaked in the past were already released, the last one being released just a few days ago, nobody knows what will happen next. There weren’t any announcements about the next DLCs contents or when we’ll get them.

Because the last downloadable content had a lowrider theme, gamers are asking for something different. Many said they want the next theme to be “POLICE”, others that it should be some single-player content, but the most sought after theme is definitely the “BIKER Update”. And they just might get their wish.

70 biker crews launched a campaign to make Rockstar release the DLC in the future. They even started a petition for this, which has already gotten over 4500 signatures.

Seeing as the bikers have already proven their dedication to the game over and over again, they are really hoping that Rockstar will make their wish come true. Well, the game already has a biker gang playing a rather important role in the story, so a Biker Update wouldn’t be impossible.

The bikers are also asking for new contact missions, new bikes and a more diverse character customization with fresh tattoos, hairstyles and clothes to choose from.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Rockstar to take into consideration the bikers’requests, seeing as they will shoot two birds with one stone: satisfy the community and make more money. We are sure that the new DLC will immediately gain popularity and there would be enough people buying the content.

Also, it could be possible that the number of players of GTA Online will increase because even though not all players love bikes, they will at try the items at least once, providing they are cheap of course.

And, in the end, just imagine what such a DLC could do for Rockstar and GTA Online. It would SLAY in all competitions, besides bringing a lot of money for the company.