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Anyone who’s upgraded to Windows 10 has probably experienced one or two problems with the operating system. Some even encountered most, if not all, of the most annoying issues with Windows 10, the worst being the blue screen of death.

The good news is some of these issues have the appropriate solutions.

Slow boot times, for example, can be fixed right from the Start Menu. Simply search for Power Options, run the matching Control Panel applet and, on the left hand pane, click Choose. From there, you can change the settings to improve boot time.

The lack of a DVD player, on the other hand, can be fixed by installing a third-party player.

But you have to admit that an operating system is supposed to work well for you, without the need for fixes, minor or otherwise. What if you have no idea how to do more than the most basic computing stuff?

Worry no more. There are now free tools that can fix any Windows 10 problem.


From the name itself, it is clear what this program can do. It is divided into neat sections where you can clearly see which specific component is having problems, and a Fix button right next to each issue. If you want to know more about a particular concern, just click on the ? button.

In the event that a fix is not available, there is a Windows 10 section where you will see common fixes that you can do manually.

Driver booster

This tool updates drivers in a few clicks. It is said to update and fix 200,000 Windows drivers. It works similar to Windows Update but offers more control. It has an Outdated and Up-to-date tabs that show you which driver needs an upgrade and the corresponding update. You get to choose whether to automatically update the drivers or not. It also creates a restore point automatically before updating Windows drivers. You can also schedule updates.

O&O Shut Up 10

This program targets Windows 10 privacy issues. Although the operating system itself contains many privacy settings that you can change to deal with some problems, customizing them can be confusing and challenging. This is where O&O Shut Up 10 comes in. It helps you customize privacy settings quickly and easily. What is even better is that each setting comes with a detailed explanation, providing you an opportunity to get to know more about Windows 10.

Still get the random crash and Blue Screen of Death? Try out any of these free tools to get rid of the problem.