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Clash Royale is a new game developed by Supercell, the same company that has released the popular Clash of Clans game. It is very important to know when and what cards to use, which means that you might lose with a good deck if you are not using your cards wisely. Today we’re going to talk about some of the cards that this game comes with and explain you their pros and cons.


We agree that the Giant is very useful, but it is good to know that a good amount of other cards are countering it. However, by using this card effectively, you can still force your enemies to use their elixir.


A good amount of players say that Valkyrie is a weak card. However, we can say that this is one of the best cards to counter most of the cards and still help your Giant to push. Most of the players will use the Skeleton Army to counter your Giant, but Valkyrie will make their defensive front almost useless.

Baby Dragon

Another card that can be used with a Giant one is Baby Dragon. You will notice that you will push very effectively by using these two cards. However, if the enemy has ranged cards, you will get destroyed.

Fireball vs. Arrows

These two cards have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is good to know that the Arrows cost less Elixir and they can be used to counter a good amount of cards.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins is one of the most useful cards in the Arena, as it is very cheap and can be used in multiple scenarios. When you notice that your enemy is preparing to perform a single attack using a powerful card, drop this card and your problems will be most likely solved.


Tombstone card is one of the best defensive cards in early levels, as it can defend your towers against other cards. So, if you notice that your Prince is charging toward your tower, drop a tombstone card and you will notice how your problems vanish.