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Recently Google has announced some interesting updates for their e-mail service, Gmail. The new additions are extremely useful and will attract many users, as the developers predict. What is amazing indeed is the new inbox, which will probably be the main focus. Now you will be able to organize events, to track them easily and also, to find the emails regarding them in no time. There are three main features the new Gmail will offer you:

The Organization Feature

Now all your email chatter will have the chance to be better organized and you can pair up the events and the emails related to them easier. So now the emails relate to the Calendar, and every invite you get will get paired up with the emails regarding it.


The Gmail inbox will now sort on its own the emails you receive which hold a low priority. All promotions, newsletter, marketing-related messages and spamming are now placed in the same tab, Promotions. But don’t worry, you will still be able to choose what emails come to you inbox, so as you can see them.

Another new thing is that now you can share links even easier than you could until now. You will be able to save the links and share them later. Bonus, you can do that on your mobile phone too.

What About Yahoo!?

Sadly, as Gmail seems to gain more and more ground, Yahoo! is kind of in decline. Starting with April 9, they switched to a darker interface for their users, plus they started to close down many operations for revenue reasons. Rumor also has it that they are selling parts of the company, and it seems that the issue they had in the beginning of April really has some serious consequences for their future.