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It did not take long for WhatsApp to release an update for its 2.16.33 version since it has made available its 2.16.35 version available for download just days ago. Yes, this version for android devices has been updated once again, with the apk build number of 451099, which is 27.64 MB large and supported on all Android 2.1 devices or later models.

Similar to the few previous releases by WhatsApp, this update is a beta release, which is why it is still not found in the Google Play Store. While this update does not carry anything that is new, it offers the usual fixes and improvements for performance and stability. Before you go ahead and download it on your device, take note that beta releases can cause small issues, such as slowdowns, crashes, reboots and lags. However, these worries are out of the question with this update, as it is very stable.

As previously mentioned, this release cannot be found on the Play Store, but you will be able to download and install it directly on your Android device. You can simply go to a source link that takes you to a WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.33 APK download page. Copy the apk file to your device, open your file manager to find and run the file, and then follow the instructions provided. When everything completes, you should already have the latest WhatsApp version on your Android device.

Update on Its End-to-End Encryption

The move of WhatsApp to introduce end-to-end encryption for all its users is considered as wise by experts in boosting individual privacy and security, despite concerns that it will make it more difficult to track criminal activity, according to Joseph Cannataci, the UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy. He said, “Encryption increases security rather than diminishes it. It reduces the risk of unlawful interception by undesirable elements and especially organisations or individuals with criminal intent.”

With this update, messages, phone calls and media between users will no longer be stored on WhatsApp servers and can only be read by the parties involved. According to Cannataci, it would be a huge mistake for people not to consider encryption in the online activities they engage in every day.

“I would encourage owners of mobile devices to take every opportunity to protect these devices at least as well as they would their laptop and desktop computers at home, and if possible much more, given the higher risk of their being lost or stolen,” he said. “All users should consider the benefits of added protection offered by totally encrypting all of the content on their phone, tablet, laptop or other mobile device. WhatsApp has offered simply the equivalent of an armoured van used to ferry cash between banks and shops and bank branches. It would be useless for the armoured van to arrive at a location where the securely-transported message is then unloaded into a place which is insecure.”

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