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Ransomware is increasingly becoming a serious threat to people who are always online, though the solution may be as simple as keeping your software updated. In one of our previous reports, Adobe has issued a security update that addresses the critical vulnerabilities in the Flash Player that could allow hackers to take control over another person’s computer.

Basically, these vulnerabilities affect the player on computers running on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome operating systems. According to one of the companies involved in spotting the issue, Trend Micro, these threats were found to be spreading the so-called “Locky ransomware”, which is generally a type of malware that holds a victim’s computer hostage, where the attacker blocking off access to the system until the victim pays him a sum of money over the internet.

Now, Adobe is telling users to make sure their Flash Player is up to date at all times. To see which version you are running, right click on the Flash content in your browser and choose “About Adobe Flash Player”. Another way to check for this is navigating to Adobe’s version information page. Here, they will tell you if you are running an outdated version of Flash.

It has been noted by Adobe that the vulnerability has been actively exploited on devices that run on Windows 10 and earlier, which are using Flash Player version and earlier. However, they did not provide specific information about the number of users having been affected by the virus.

The Growth of Ransomware

One type of ransomware, Crypto-ransomware, infiltrates a computer and holds the owner’s important files digitally hostage, with the attacker demanding a ransom to give back access. Mostly, the virus would threaten to delete your files if you do not pay within a certain period. According to a report by online security firm, Symantec, this type of ransomware is believed to have grown by 35% last year. It is also said that the virus has spread from only Windows OS systems to those running on Mac and Linux, and even smartphones.

The ransomware also made headlines in 2014 when it was estimated to affect more than 5,000 Canadians at a cost of close to $1.5 million. The virus was usually able to infiltrate computers with outdated software, most notably the Adobe Flash Player. This means that it is really important to keep software updated to avoid the virus.

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