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The Google Play application comes installed by default in most Android devices. It can be likened to bloatware in operating systems.

Unlike pre-installed applications in Windows OS, however, Google Play isn’t annoying, but a vital part of the mobile life. Without it, access to a vast majority of applications would be impossible. So, a download of the Google Play Store is a must, if you still don’t have it.

The Google Play Store app is a huge repository of free and paid applications that you can download. Its equivalent in iOS devices is the Apple App Store, which claims more downloads than Google Play.

Whichever is the case, figures from last year showed that there is an increase of downloads from the Google Play Store. In the last quarter of 2015, download is reported to reach a whopping 11 billion.

The top 10 apps that are popularly downloaded by Android users are:

Facebook Messenger

This is Facebook’s tool for sending text message for free. As long as you are online, you can send a message to Facebook friends, even to those who don’t have Messenger installed.


Rather than access the social network on your browser, you can take a shortcut and log in through the Facebook app. If you don’t log out, you can access your account with just a tap of your finger. You get all the features of the Facebook web, minus the constant log in and log out.


Send a message, picture, video, and just about anything at the spur of the moment. Because Snapchat encourages you to live in the moment, anything sent doesn’t stay long. Best to commit it to memory.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

One of the most popular social games, Candy Crush Jelly Saga is easy to learn, but has an addictive effect. This explains why a huge population is hooked on this game. This particular version of Candy Crush has some serious wiggling, jiggling characters.


Pandora is a music streaming app that lets you discover great music, listen to it and make your own playlist according to artist, songs, genres and the like. As internet radios go, this one is quite popular, taking the 5th spot as the most downloaded music streaming service.

Color Switch

This is a free online adventure game by Plonga. The objective is to follow a specific color pattern on each obstacle and then cross it. A player is represented by a little dot that has to go as far as possible without dying – which can happen if you touch the wrong color.


Instagram is a picture-based social networking site. Share photos and videos to the social sphere and connect with friends.

Piano Tiles 2

Whether you know how to play the piano or not, you will love Piano Tiles 2. The challenge is in hitting the notes right without tapping on the white tiles.


Stream movies and TV series through your Netflix app. This takes out the hassle of using your browser to watch a film or a new episode of your favorite TV show.

YouTube Music

This is an app designed for music discovery that also allows you to watch videos and listen to music at the same time.

Google Play Store and Apple App Store are always in competition in the number of downloads. This spells good news for Android and iOS users, as this ensures more apps to choose from.