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June 9 might be a great date for those who are nostalgic! Motorola is rumored to introduce a new generation of Moto devices. There have been more and more rumors lately regarding the new generation they will launch, called Moto G 2016.

When the Lenovo company released the ZUK Z2 Pro smartphone, the CEO announced that on June 9 they will release a new handset. Recently, the company talked about planning to release Moto G 2016, Moto E 2016 and Moto X 2016. However, they did not make public the name of the device they are releasing in June. Leaks and rumors make us think that we will get to enjoy the Moto G 2016, a new mid-range phone we can test out.

There have been previous rumors that initially suggested that Motorola will actually be releasing Moto G 2016 in two variants. One of them, which supposedly is called Moto G4, will “carry on the legacy” of the previous version. The second version, Moto G4 Plus, is supposedly bigger. People also talk about it having a fingerprint scanner found in the Home button, pretty much like Apple did. There are also tipsters who have already uploaded photos of how the future phones will look like, but this is still not an official source.

Speaking about photos, apparently there is a leaked photo of a prototype for this, which shows a handset with the Moto logo on the left corner. Moreover, we can also see the fingerprint scanner we were talking about earlier.

Moreover, it is said that the Moto X 2016 will have a 5.0-inch display and a USB connector (Type C). With that comes a front-facing flash, which is a welcomed addition. All in all, everybody is curious to find out what the new phone will be like!