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According to Supercell, many of the bugs discovered after the updates in December and March were fixed but some still remain and continue to be a problem and to annoy the players.

Clash of Clans bugs Continue to be a Problem

The bugs that came with the March update have ruined the experience for the truly loyal fans of Clash of Clans and some even saw themselves forced to leave the game, according to News Everyday.

One of the CoC players, Cam, after posting many videos on game strategy on Youtube and had over one million viewers, stated that he quit the game because he felt that it was stuck. He eventually became very bored because the game wasn’t changing very much. He felt that the game just wasn’t fresh anymore, and there was nothing new to make videos about. He also said that although Town Hall 11 was added, it was almost exactly like the previous Town Hall but bigger.

His fans and fellow players support him in his decision and one of them has even said that he will continue watching his videos even though they won’t be about CoC anymore.

Supercell to deal with Clash of Clans Cheaters

For all the added features and better war matchmaking, the one problem Supercell hasn’t dealt with fully is the cheaters, says GottaBeMobile. The December update was the most significant one in the last years and it was specifically directed against cheating and cheaters but it failed in completely doing so.

But now, the makers of Clash of Clans have stated that they will encourage Fair Play and that the use of bots and mods is basically cheating and that players have to delete those programs from their phones or whatever device they are using.

I sincerely doubt that the call Supercell made for Fair Play among players will end cheating forever, not even for a very short while.