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Many Samsung fans all over the world have been disappointed since the Android 6.0 rollout has been quite slow. The latest Android update (which is commonly known as Marshmallow) was released on October 2015 but, more than six months later, it still hasn’t reached all Samsung smartphones that are eligible to get it.

Fortunately, the long wait seems to be over for a lot of people since many telecommunication companies have released Android Marshmallow for their Samsung phones. In Sri Lanka, for instance, the Marshmallow update rollout for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F phones has started this week. The SM-G900F is one of the most popular models of the Galaxy S5, and it’s widely sold in Europe, Asia, and other regions. The Marshmallow update for the SM-G900F was first released in South Korea and later made its way to Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, and Sprint subscribers in the U.S., and it’s expected to roll out soon to rest of the world.

Those who own the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will also get the Marshmallow update soon. Note 4 owners in India have reported getting the update through over-the-air (OTA) connection, and the rollout is said to be well underway in Poland and Turkey. Several reports suggest that Android Marshmallow will be released first to Galaxy Note 4 models with the Exynos chipset (which is mainly sold in India, Australia, Singapore, and Europe), although other models will apparently get their own updates soon after.

Samsung hasn’t yet made announcements about the Galaxy Note 3, and there have been reports that the model won’t receive the Android Marshmallow update. If these reports are true, it won’t be surprising since the Note 3 has just received an upgrade to Android Lollipop. It’s also several years old, which may prompt Samsung not to bother making a Marshmallow update for it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners can either wait for Android 6.0 to be available to their phone or download a ROM. ROMs are firmware that allow users to change the behavior of their Android device (similar to what iOS jailbreaking tools do), and there are now ROMs that let users enjoy the new and exciting features that Android Marshmallow brings. But remember: installing a ROM can void your warranty and, if you don’t follow instructions properly, you might end up bricking your phone and turning it into an expensive paperweight. So exercise utmost care when downloading and installing a ROM in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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