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More great news for Pokefans! The Pokemon Company has announced that the app that allowed users to watch episodes from the series for free online will get a great upgrade. Apart from offering people the ability to watch many Pokemon episodes so far, including the 19th season which is the last one, the app will also allow users to download and view any episode they want without being connected to the internet. Furthermore, it will also enable fans to rate episodes and be notified when new episodes are available.

Although some of the episodes are available, not all can be viewed at once. About 50 episodes are available so far belonging to different seasons and, alongside those, individual episodes that celebrate Team Rocket Week and Pokemon the Movie are also available for viewing.

The series is divided mostly based on what region Ash explores, him being the only constant human characters across all 19 seasons. In the 19th season, Ash travels through the Kalos Region which we also got to see in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, finding new pokemons, battling other pokemon masters, making new friends and occasionally saving the world. At the beginning of the series, in 1997, Ash had two friends who accompanied him in his adventures, apart from his pokemons, Brock and Misty.

In the recent seasons, those characters left as they were replaced by others similar to the ones found in games and now, in this new season Ash has many powerful Pokemons and he is battling Team Flare for a legendary Pokemon, called Zygrade, who is unknowingly traveling with him. Pokemon TV has made available the first four episodes of the season and many more will be added in the future. The app can run on Android and Kindle devices provided you have an internet connection.