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Pokefans have been waiting for a long time for the Pokemon Go game and it appears that it may actually be released pretty soon as online beta testing has already begun in Japan, Australia and New Zeeland

As a result this beta online testing has revealed many details about gameplay. One player confirmed that there will be gyms in the Pokemon field test and there will also be three player battles. Many other improvements in the gameplay have been spotted compared to the earlier beta testing versions.

Players can now just take their pokemons to the gym for training and the can train with random pokemons or with other players.

One publication noted that it’s now harder to catch a pokemon but that’s in no way a downside, on the contrary it makes it more fun to play. You will know if a pokemon can be caught easily or harder by a shrinking percentage circle. If the circle is red than your chances to catch it are very small, but if it’s green, than you will probably be successful in your endeavor.

One of the really cute things about the game is that you can use berries to get a better chance at catching a pokemon. The food as bait trick is a very old one. In the game you just feed him and hopefully he will like that.

Also, the quality of the pokeball is essential in successfully catching a pokemon. If you get a masterball, then it’s perfect!

Acording to the players, the game is almost good enough for release. A few tiny holes need to be patched here and there but nothing that difficult that can’t be fixed very fast.

The game is expected to be released this year and it will be available both on Andoid devices and on iOS ones