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One of the most expected events this year is the launching of MacBook Pro 2016, and, predictably, there are lots of rumors regarding its features. Thankfully, there have been some official news released about the graphics Apple is planning to use.

Some sources say that AMD set aside an OEM design last year, and apparently they reserve it for Apple. The current version of the MacBook Pro uses AMD cards, just like the highest-quality MacBook and the iMacs (the version with a 27-inch display). Although there are many people who think that Polaris 10 is better for iMacs, it is likely that the MacBook Pro 2016 will come together with Polaris 11.

What the latest AMD graphics chips bring new is a different architecture: a smaller one, 14nm FinFet. Moreover, it will be two times faster than its predecessors, so that’s another reason to enjoy it. The new MacBooks Apple has released (the ones with a 12-inch display) that have better CPUs and better flash storage. As such, probably the company will bring the best features they can in the new generation of MacBook Pros.

We are pretty sure that everybody is anxiously waiting for the release. There have been countless dates rumored to be the final date for releasing. However, the best guess anybody can make is one of the most popular events that will take place this year, the WWDC one. This will take place in June 2016, which can get our hopes pretty high, since it’s getting closer and closer. Other rumors say that for sure, we will get to enjoy all the fantastic features of MacBook Pro 2016 by this fall. Even so, nobody knows fo sure, but what we can do until we get our hands on the latest technology is to enjoy the previous versions!