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It has been quite a while now since Android has ditched the Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5, with the purpose of offering a faster and more secure browsing experience. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of content that uses Flash, which means that you might have some issues running them on your devices. Moreover, the player is no longer available in Google Play Store for download.

While we are already given information about installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to keep our PCs safe, it is also essential to do the same things for your Android devices. Here are some work-arounds that help you bring back the Adobe Flash experience on your phone or tablet:

Manual Installation

While the player is no longer available, you can still download and install it from the Archived Flash Player versions page. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Open the Settings menu, tap Security or Applications and then tap Unknown Sources and “OK” to confirm your selection. Close settings.
  • Launch the browser and then navigate directly to the Adobe Flash Player Archive page or search for “flash player archive page”. On this page, scroll down to Flash Player for Android archives.
  • Find the latest version of the Flash Player for your Android OS and then download the installer. When it is completed, close the browser.
  • Open Notifications and then tap to install the apk file. When installation completes, you are done.

Using the Dolphin Browser

Among the methods of installing Flash player on your Android, the one that is said to be the easiest and most reliable is using the Dolphin Browser. Here are the steps to take:

  • Go to Google Play and download and install the browser. Then, open the browser and enter the settings menu. From here, you will find an option that says “Flash Player”, and set it to “always on”.
  • Using the browser, navigate to a page that uses Flash Player, and if you cannot find one, you can just type something like “Adobe Flash test” on Google, and you will surely find something. A page that would use Flash will prompt you to download the Adobe Flash apk. To be successful, you need to allow “install from unknown sources” on your Android’s settings menu, though you can also click “install” and follow through the browser.
  • Once everything installs, you should already have the Adobe Flash Player up and running on your device!

Using the Puffin Browser

Downloading the Puffin Browser is also another easy solution to having the player on your device. In fact, it does not require you to install the apk file because Flash support would be enabled out of the box. So, why is using the Dolphin is more recommended than this? Well, Puffin works in a way that it renders Flash content in the cloud, rather than locally, to translate it for playback on your device, which means that the experience is not better than that of Dolphin.

For more information about the Adobe Flash Player, visit this page.