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While you can talk with your friends using a range of mobile applications that are created by social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can also do it using apps that are specifically made for mobile phones. One of the most popular and the easiest to use of these apps is WhatsApp, which enables you to send and share messages, photos and videos in real time. While, there have been many recent updates WhatsApp has rolled out, including the version 2.16.35, it is important to know how to install the app on any mobile phone.

Installing WhatsApp Directly from the Official Page

The easiest way to install this messaging app is downloading it from the WhatsApp official site. Access it from your mobile phone and download the version that is compatible with your device. Keep in mind that this application is available for a wide variety of phone models running on Android, Windows, iOS and others. Basically, it is available for smartphones, which means that if you are using a device that does not fall under this category, you cannot install and use it.

Once you have found the right version for your device, WhatsApp will then take you to the download page. For instance, if you have chosen the iPhone option from your PC, the WhatsApp web page will open the iTunes program, so that you will be able to download the app to your computer and install it. Once you have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you need to open and configure it according to your requirements.

Installing WhatsApp from Google Play Store

The first thing you should know is that your Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and any other smartphone running on Android should have the 2.1 version or higher. With this requirement taken care of, search for WhatsApp in the Google Play Store and then tap on the first result to see the option and details for downloading it. Simply, tap “install” and then wait for the download to complete. It is really easy to download this app on your Android device, where you can just find it under the applications tab of the Play Store or you can go to the “top applications” tab, where the app should be on the top of the list. After installing it, you just need to enter your phone number and WhatsApp will send you a verification code for your number. Most of the time, the app will automatically detect the code in the SMS message, otherwise, you will need to enter it manually to finish setting up your account. After this, you will be asked to add your name to allow your contacts to easily find you. You can also create an optional status and profile picture if you want.

Inviting Your Friends

One important thing to keep in mind is that to be able to chat with your friends via WhatsApp, they must also have the app installed on their devices. After all, messages, photos and videos will be sent through the same application. Thus, it is recommended for you and your contacts to use WhatsApp similarly.

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