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Depending on the success GTA Online might have, major changes can be introduced to the franchise. It can affect the development and the story of GTA 6, and this means the reaction of the users is very important.

There are recent reports that show how GTA Online already brought around $500 million to developers’ budget, and all due to the players who accepted the microtransactions they were offered. Also, given the success of this online side, it will most likely become a permanent part of the next game too.

Forbes showed that the success of this Online version can actually lead to changes in the well-known GTA formula. They say that there is a possibility that the online feature could become a permanent change to the GTA games, and not just an exception. And this includes the future GTA 6, which in this case will become a game based on online playing. Moreover, the players will be able to create their own characters.

But there’s more to that! Rumor has it that the next GTA may not even be an MMO. After all, there are lots of examples of long game franchises that have went down the MMO path, so it’s not a possibility we can certainly exclude. However, it would be interesting to see how the fans would react to such a drastic change if this happens, especially since the single player feature has been the main attraction of the franchise for a long time.

Paradoxically, because the GTA Online proved to be such a success, the developers might take longer to create the next game. Let’s just hope that the updates regarding the next game will be released soon by the developers, just to cross off the list the unfounded rumors about it.