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Like everyone else, you would love to have the latest of everything when it comes to your mobile devices and their applications. But as Google Play Store frequently updates, you might need to cope up and make sure you have the latest iteration. Remember that, while its basic functions remain the same, it is highly recommended to update it to get the most out of it.

In one of our latest posts, we discuss the importance of downloading Google Play Store. Now, we guide you in downloading its apk and installing it manually.

1. Check your device’s current version.

Before you start anything, it is important to check which version of Play Store you are currently using to make sure that the one that you are about to download is actually a newer version of what you are having. Open Google Play Store on your device and go to settings. At the bottom, you will find a build number, which indicates the current version you have.

2. Get the apk file.

The Play Store app is available in apk format just like any other Android apps. However, when downloading it, make sure you do it with trusted sources, otherwise there is a risk that an unreliable source has meddled with the apk, which is bad. Choose one that is signed by Google to make sure that it is not tampered.

3. Enable “unknown sources” on your device.

When the Unknown Sources settings of your device is disabled, it prevents you from installing apps from anywhere aside from Play Store, so you will have to enable to install the apk. Go to the Settings menu and then Security. In the Unknown Sources option, check the box that would pop up. This will allow you to install apks from unknown sources.

4. Install the app using a file manager.

Open your file browser and find the folder where the Google Play Store apk is stored. As you find the installation file, tap on it. You might be asked to click on “Package Installer”, so read any permission changes and then click “install”. Once it completes, the latest Google Play Store is already installed on your device.

5. Disable the Unknown Sources option.

Remember that leaving the Unknown Sources option might risk security issues for your device, so disable it.

With the latest Google Play Store, you can enjoy its latest features that will enhance your experience. To be updated with the latest news about Google Play Store, keep checking this page.

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