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Mark Zuckerberg’s army of developers are working intensively on turning Facebook Messenger into an independent beast, adding new interesting features every now and then. Now, they’ve introduced group calls with up to 50 people and in order to initiate a group call, you will just need to press on the phone icon. It’s not sure when this feature will be expanded to support video group calls, but we’re assuming that it will be brought sooner or later.

Two weeks ago, the developers have announced that they’ll release a series of business-friendly updates, helping businesses and their clients to communicate more easily. These changes involved more visible page usernames, Messenger codes similar to QR codes, as well as shortened Messenger links.

At the beginning of March, Facebook Messenger has received Material Design, so the blue bars at the top of the screen have been changed, offering a roomier feel, while the new blue plus button can be used to start a new conversation. A month before this, Facebook has started testing some new features, such as multiple account support and SMS integration.

The latest added feature is group calls with up to 50 members, after last year, the developers started allowing users to chat with each other even if they’re not friends on Facebook. This application has now 900 million active users, with 100 million less than WhatsApp, but it offers a lot more features than the latter and it serves as a better replacement for Microsoft’s Skype. We remind you that Facebook has teamed up with Uber and launched Transportation on Messenger, but this service is still in testing and soon, it will be available in all locations where Uber is operating in the US.

If you have an Android device and want to download and install Facebook Messenger from the internet, you must enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’s Settings > Applications.