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We all know that in many mobile games there is the possibility of cheating. This applies to Clash of Clans too, and many people have been taking advantage of this possibility until now. However, the developers decided that this is not fair play.

Supercell, the developer of this game, announced that they are determined to do whatever they can in order to provide equal opportunities for all players. In this idea, they published on their website the intention to prohibit the use of modding tools and bots. Whoever is found to use such help will suffer the consequences.

Though they did not offer too many details regarding the consequences, they still noted that it could even mean lifetime ban for the user, of course, in extreme cases. However, this shows that the company is definitely being serious about wanting to make a change in the way people are enjoying their game.

Being a popular strategy game, where those who play have to build and defend their own villages and also attack the other ones, you can tell there are lots of possibilities to cheat. Having access to more units or buildings represents an advantage for you, but a disadvantage for others. One of the most common ways is buying currency from hackers at lower rates. This explains why Supercell decided to do something about it.

It will definitely be interesting to wait and see how this game will get “cleaned up”. Apparently, Supercell has lots of plans to put their ideas into practice, but even so, it’s not going to be an easy task to get rid of all the cheaters in the game. And this is not relevant just for Clash of Clans, since there are lots of other mobile games users who cheat their way through apps.