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Clash of Clans March 2016 update turned out to be a failure, what with the many bugs that came with it. There were problems with Valkyrie health points, and some traps failed to trigger when activated by certain game heroes.

It was also revealed that game developers made the mistake of setting the heal rates of healers at 70%, which resulted in incompatibility issues.

Game developer Supercell was quick to take action and released fixes, along with other improvements. Matchmaking has been greatly improved, insuring that you will not be pitted against a weak opponent. It is the epitome of “picking someone your own size”.

Problems with notifications on multiple devices, which caused lags, are now properly working as well. Health points of Valkyrie have been decreased, healing rates have returned to normal. A New Dark Elixir troop has also been added, which can be unlocked at level 10 Town Hall. A Level 11 Town Hall has also been added, where users have more new levels to use for inferno towers and mortars.

Unfortunately, Town Hall 11 was a bit of a disappointment for some of the best players in Clash of Clans. Cam of Clash with Cam on YouTube has expressed his boredom in making Clash of Clan videos because of the game’s lack of innovation.

Town Hall 11 turned out to be another Town Hall 10 but on a larger scale. Without fresh ideas to chew on, there’s no new content to use to make new videos.

Although Cam’s opinion about Town Hall 11 does not reflect the entire community at large, several other players agreed with his perspective on the newly added Town Hall. Jonesin05 wrote on Reddit that the game is just not the same since its December update. Another player even suggested that “Clash is done for”.

Since Town Hall 11 was first released in December, it has endured some really rough times. Players slammed the update because of loot collection roadblocks and broken personal break timer. Those complaints were addressed through the Treasury update.

But it wasn’t just Town Hall level 11 that made the Clash of Clan ride quite tough. The Bowler update last March also resulted in popular player strategies nerfed in the process.

As if these problems were not bad enough, rampant cheating has also become a growing problem in Clash of Clans. Although the December update helped rid of cheaters, it did not address Clan War cheats. It has become a norm for players to create bases that are all decoys during the 23-hour preparation period. It is only when the war starts that the opponent reveals its true war machinations.

The problem with Clan War cheaters is that they are hard to distinguish, as many of the tactics they use appears to be completely fair. But there are a few dead giveaways. Most cheaters use a tool that saves information and reveals everything once an attack starts. This includes details of what’s in the Clan Castle, where traps and bombs are placed, and where the Hidden Tesla is located.

To help ensure fair game, Supercell will release updates to deal with cheaters.