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If you’ve been using a smartphone recently then you’ve probably used WhatsApp as well, it’s an instant messaging service which started out small, just looking to connect different people with one another but as time passed by, the number of people that were using WhatsApp increased significantly.

Right now, WhatsApp has over a billion users worldwide, it’s been acquired by Facebook and is currently one of the most used instant messaging services worldwide. Now if you’re the tinkering type of user, you’ll have no problem finding the various things we’re listing here, it’s still nice to do a quick review though.

Chat tricks

  • Starred Messages
    • For anyone who’s ever looked for an older conversation in WhatsApp, even though you’re able to search in chats after recent updates, you’re still going to love this feature. You can save individual messages by “starring” them and then access all your previously saved messages via the starred messages menu.
  • The Blue Ticks
    • We’ve all hated the blue check-marks but we’ve also loved them, it forces the other person to reply because once they’ve opened the conversation and seen the message, you’ve found it out. But it’s also a blessing in disguise because if you open a message and don’t wise to reply, well, the other person probably thinks less of you now since you’ve ignored them, and they know.
      Simply go into your privacy options and disable it, Pro? No more blue ticks, Cons? You can’t see them either.

Privacy tricks

  • The Last Seen
    • It tells people how long ago you were last online, it tells people if you’ve opened the app recently and it also tells them if you’ve seen the notification for the message you sent them, fear not, it can be disabled in the privacy options. Similar issue though, you won’t be able to see other people’s “Last seen” times either.
      By the way, the last seen time is also a good measure of when the person went to sleep, that is, if they have a habit of chatting right before hitting the bed.
  • Everything else
    • Feel free to take a look around the other options, there’s quite a few different privacy options available, from only getting contacted by people in your contacts list to hiding your profile picture, statuses, online statuses from other people.

WhatsApp on your computer

This is probably the most sought after feature though, WhatsApp for your computer. Well, there’s no problem in that either.

You don’t have to download any third party software, you don’t have to worry about any malware and neither do you have to worry about any sort of privacy concerns, WhatsApp for Web has been made accessible to everyone with a web browser.

Simply go to and follow the instructions, you’ll have to scan the QR code to authorize access and your phone will have to be connected to a working internet connection since your phone is actually the device which is sending and receiving the messages, your computer is simply a way to access your phone.