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Ever since the release of Sims 4, fans have been wondering when the console version will appear too. There have been some rumors that this console version is taking longer to appear because of some technical issue that appeared when porting the game. However, there has been no official confirmation for these rumors, so there is a high chance that this information is not true.

Meanwhile, PC and MAC enthusiasts are enjoying the fourth edition of the game since the release in March of a new update. The update came not only with some new content, but also with some fixes for the gameplay.

The new content introduced in March refers to two new challenges available for players. The Egg Challenge, which has had previous appearances in the game, is one of them: you have to go around the world in the game and collect eggs, after which you will receive a reward. However, this time the number of necessary eggs grew from 10 to 12. After you manage to get all 12 eggs, you will enjoy a stuffed bunny as a reward.

The second released challenge is called “Spring Challenge” and for this, you have to plant, grow a fruit and gather it. You need to go to an NPC called Jasmine Holiday, located in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. Once you gather 20 grow fruit, you get an award, which is a new planter. After you plan and grow the perfect grow fruit, you get the plant. Even though it sounds really easy, Jasmine has a set number of fertilizers for the perfect fruit, which means you have to manage the resources. Moreover, you have to create your own strategy and think well ahead about how you are going to grow the perfect fruit.