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Leaks about the Sims 4 DLC pack prompted an announcement from the official Sims forum global Community manager SimGuruDrake regarding new content, and to not believe everything that is said online. According to him, official SimGurus are only based in North America, and any other announcements from other locations should not be considered official.

Rumors about the new Sims 4 DLC pack started when EA Maxis’ Trevor Lindsey took to Twitter and dropped hints last April 11. His tweet consisted of several hashtags that corresponded to a single letter. When decoded, it revealed to be related to becoming a restaurateur. Rumors were further fueled when The Sims 4 producer David Miotke sent another tweet that included words related to cooking and restaurants, such as hungry and serve up.

An even bigger hint was dropped by Sims 4 Latin America when its official page suggested that fans should sharpen their culinary skills. This further strengthened the belief that the next DLC pack would have something to do with restaurants or cooking.

In previous reports, players voiced out their disappointments over missing game features. For a game that mimics real life, The Sims 4 doesn’t have pets, toddlers, swimming pools and different seasons and weather, which change according to the time of the year. It is understandable for the seasons to be left out of the game, considering that implementation will be difficult because of the amount of things that seasons affect in the environment. But fans have been asking for the rest of the missing features.

The company also promised expansion packs that relate to different activities in real life, such as working and going to restaurants. They have already delivered with The Sims 4: Get to Work. So when a report came out indicating that pets and toddlers would not be included in any DLC pack, all thoughts pointed to a restaurant pack.

To keep the buzz under control, SimGuruDrake promised to give fans a look at the content that will come to The Sims 4 in the next couple of months. But he reiterated that any official statement regarding game content will come first and directly from their office Electronic Arts in Redwood Shores (EARS).

“Any official statements regarding content for “The Sims 4″ will come directly from our offices here at EARS first.”

His statement also implied that there will be more than one content that will be released in The Sims DLC pack, although it is unclear what it will be. One thing is for sure, it won’t be about pets and toddlers because The Sims VIP report confirmed that there are currently no plans to include these missing elements, which fans were looking for from the two previous games.

Following SimGuruDrake’s announcement, there has been no other information that confirms or denies rumors about the restaurant game pack. Fans will just have to wait until the actual game pack is released. What it will be is anyone’s guess.

Well, to borrow the words that Dave Miotke used, stay hungry for news and updates of The Sims 4 DLC.

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