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Pokemon GO is different from Ingress, a mobile game also from Niantic, in a way that the latter uses big real-world events. Basically, the events in Ingress take place in cities and are based around the plot of the game. Though Pokemon GO has seen recent updates, including those for its battle mechanics, it should learn from Ingress and try to incorporate such feature that attracts many people around the world.

A lot of Pokemon fans are expecting big events in the game, with one of them suggesting that it could feature the same concept for championships where teams of five can fight against each other and neutralize a certain gym. The fan added that these teams can also set up a gym, where a game with teams of six can also work. It is said that if this upcoming game’s developer introduces a similar formula of big events into it, they could also easily fit the vast real-world events into it.

As you can see in Pokemon GO’s trailer, there are hundreds of players who are showcased joining at the Time Square to fight Mewtwo. However, what the video really shows is said to be just the beginning, and if Nintendo would organize globetrotting events and big tournaments, they could set up Pokemon centers to provide phone-charging facilities, along with strategy and merchandise plans.

While meeting events for Ingress usually take place in places with limited housing capacity, it is said the Pokemon events have the capacity to go beyond these limits. After all, Nintendo has the capability to host vast events the way it wants to due to the nature of the game, like they can choose great venues, such as parks and arenas, and facilitate massive hunting tournaments.

Another fan also shared a very interesting idea that would take adventuring to another level, suggesting that the company can use a 6-versus-6 knockout competition that would begin at the local level and then branch out to higher levels, such as state, national and international. Though such events are normally held annually, the fan also suggests the possibility of hosting them twice a year to allow players to better prepare for the game and give the Trainers and Pokemon some recognition in the Pokemon fan community around the world.

Niantic’s experience with augmented reality has made Ingress a very exciting game, and now fans are expecting such a capability to be integrated into Pokemon GO.

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