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Moto G, the forth generation of Motorola will be launched sometime this year and rumours have been soaring about what it’s going to be like given some very interesting leaks regarding the fingerprint scanner and pricing.

Moto G Release Date and Price

There isn’t an official release date stated by Lenovo but the third generation of Moto G was released last summer, July 2015 so there is reason to suspect that the next Moto will be released sometime this summer as it is customary to release new phone models a year apart from each other.

The Moto G version that was released last July was priced at 179 dollars and since the owners of the brand seem to be increasing the price for each model it’s very probable that the forth Moto G will cost around 200 dollars, and up to 300 dollars or more for the Plus version that comes with a 16MP camera.

Moto G Specs

So far, we know from Qualcomm that all of the mid range smartphones like Moto G will have Snapdragon processor this year, and since there is a precedent in using that particular processor for the third generation of Moto G, we can assume to some degree, that the forth generation will have one as well.

Now, if the Moto G (3rd gen) had a 5-inch screen from Gorilla Glass, we can expect the new model to certainly have a better and larger one.

Moto G Design

According to the leaked photos, the forth generation will be similar to the previous one in design with a camera placed higher up the back than it is on the third generation Moto G. It seems to have a smoother surface as well and some brighter colours.

Also from the pictures, even though it’s hard to really be certain of it, the logo appears to be under the camera, without any indentation, which is unlike the other generations.

On the other hand, leaked pictures of the smarphone made public by Weibo shows a model with rounded edges with speaker slots on top and on the bottom of the front panel. There is also a fingerprint reader right under the screen.

On the back of the phone there is a camera with two holes right above the lens that may be either a colour spectrum sensor or a laser autofocus.

Moto G Features

Reports from Tech.Sina say that Lenovo’s SVP claimed that all future Moto models will have fingerprint readers.

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