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If you haven’t already heard about the Virtual Nomads, you should thank them as soon as possible. Why? Because they are the engineering students who helped developing a way of playing GTA 5 and getting a workout at the same time. By using Cycler’s Hub, you can take advantage of the virtual reality and explore the world of GTA 5.

  1. VR Tour

All you need for a completely new experience is a VR headset, a bicycle and a GTA 5 game. Then you will be able to make a tour of Los Santos and teleport anywhere on the map. Thankfully, there is a mod in the game that turns off the violence, so you can explore the city without any fear.

  1. Use Your Bike

Now you have another reason to take your old bike out of the storage. Any bicycle can be used with the controller the Virtual Nomads developed. Once you set it up, you will be able to explore the universe of GTA 5 while using your own bike. You can choose the speed for now, and the developers plan to introduce a feedback feature according to the type of terrain.

  1. Biker Gangs

In the future, you will be able to team up with your friends and cycle together through the GTA 5 world or race up the mountain.

  1. Other Games

The team of developers doesn’t yet have a contract with Rockstar for the GTA 5 game, and this is why they want to have a device compatible with several other games. Also, they plan on releasing their own game at some point.

  1. Don’t Stop the Fun!

Even though the GTA 5 game will already be 3 years old this year, so it will be interesting to see if a possible contract with the Cycler’s Hub will make it popular for even more time.