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Fallout fans are eagerly expecting the release of the next downloadable content for Fallout 4 entitled Far Harbor, which will come after other two DLCs Automatron and Wasteland Workshop.

The owner and developer of the game franchise Bethesda has decided to focus on the crafting system in Far Harbor, after seeing how successful it was in Wasteland Workshop.

That being said, this new DLC will feature new crafting tasks such as creating barns and Vim Machines which may be something similar to vending machines and they will probably be used for Nuka Cola and other beverages.

A leak post found on reddit showed that the animals in the game will get houses where they can sleep and rest. One of the dog characters in the game, Dogmeat has a house where to live so it makes sense that other mutated animals get a house for themselves too.

The dog characters in the Fallout are beloved by fans because they are usually companion to the players. Some are domestic and some are feral. In Wasteland Workshop, they can be caught by using dog cages and they are a plus in that sense as they increase the defence and happiness levels of a settlement.

After catching them and other creatures, player also had the option to either tame them or have them fight each other of fight against settlers in an arena.

A reddit user, FudgeMuppet showed how he created a “Deatchclaw Island” in W.W. by putting many Deathclaw traps on Spectacle Island. Once the Deathclaws are caught, the player let them walk around the island thus protecting it efficiently.

As for the Far Harbor DLC, Bethesda said that it starts like this: a new case sends you to the coast of Maine, on the Far Harbor Island in search of a young woman and a secret colony of synths. The high levels of radiation on the island created a more feral world where you have to go through ever growing conflicts between the synths, The Children of the Atom sect and the townspeople in order to achieve your mission.

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